International intrigues at the highest levels

Edge of Eternity by Ken Follett

International intrigues at the highest levels
Four stars

Edge of Eternity – the final book of Follett’s perspective-shattering Century Trilogy – traces the vibrant lives of the offspring of the British, Russian, German and American families that we got to know in Fall of Giants and Winter of the World. Relationships come and go and fates fluctuate, revealing international intrigues at the highest levels. A salutary feature of the narrative is how most world leaders are revealed as dishonest, weak and morally corrupt puppets of various political and economic factions.

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“They’re all just lazy parasites!”

AFP. Refugees landing on Lesbos. Not Tariq.

“Jurj?” the rebel fighter read from Tariq’s friend’s ID. “Then you’re a Christian!” And with that he shot his brains out. That was the final trigger. Tariq had to flee. To Europe. And arrange for his family to join him.

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Climate change won’t affect us. So why strike?

The Trump generation – including me – won’t be around when London and Houston sink. Along with Jakarta, Manila, Shanghai and half of the Netherlands. Nor when the last wild polar bear and Atlantic puffin has died because of habitat loss.

And the Greta generation have time to adapt to the changing climate without too much inconvenience: relocate to higher ground, stop holidaying in the Canary Isles, consume less meat, wear thick pullovers in winter and drive electric cars. In fact they will even benefit from new developments in sustainable energy sources and environment-friendly technology.

So what’s the fuss?

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Winter of the World by Ken Follett

Another masterpiece of passion and insight!

We experience the suspense and tragedy of WWII through the eyes of the offspring of the people we came to know in Fall of Giants, the first book in the Century Trilogy. These children grow up into realistic, passionate characters who travel the world, engage in devious pursuits and fall in love.

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No Longers Strangers? by Javed Masih

If you want the salutary facts – necessarily subjective but certainly typical – about what a refugee family experiences after arriving in Europe from a vastly different geographic and cultural background, this will fill you in.

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These kids I like, who climate strike!

The glaciers are disappearing!

#ClimateStrike #Zürich Was that a nod from heaven that it rained … and rained in Zürich yesterday? It didn’t discourage 12,000 people – mainly school kids and young people, joining hundreds of thousands worldwide – to take to the streets. They protested against the thoughtless pollution which is disrupting the world’s climate and provoking extreme weather conditions. It’s especially the developing nations that suffer, although they aren’t even the ones who are primarily responsible.

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Der Klimawandel geht uns allen an!

Eindrücke aus der #StopArmut Konferenz über #Klimagerechtigkeit vom 17. November 2018

Unsere Heizungen, Klimaanlagen, Privatautos, Fleischkonsum usw. verursachen grosse CO2-Emissionen. Diese sind wichtige Faktoren bei der Klimaerwärmung. Wir im Westen erleben zwar ausserordentliche Hitzewellen, Überschwemmungen und verheerende Waldbrände. Aber es sind in erster Linie die ärmeren Länder, die unter den Folgen leiden: Dürre, Stürme, Ernteausfälle.

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Die Schweiz sprach

Im Rahmen des von verschiedenen Schweizer Medien organisierten Projekt “Die Schweiz spricht”, das Begegnungen mit politisch Andersdenkenden fördern wollte, habe ich mich heute mit JP zum Austausch getroffen.

JP und ich haben uns 2,5 Stunden lang bei einer schönen Reusswanderung unterhalten. Die Begegnung war sehr offen und gegenseitig respektvoll. Hier einige unserer Gesprächsthemen:

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Fall of Giants by Ken Follett

This is an amazing book, the first of the Century Trilogy. It is superbly researched and masterly written. We follow the events leading up to WWI through the eyes of several interrelated characters, from America, Great Britain, Germany and Russia. Continue reading “Fall of Giants by Ken Follett”

Does God care about nations?

Each morning, I read the Daily Moravian Bible Texts – first in German (Losungen), then in English. Both today’s Old Testament and New Testament readings refer (in German) to the Nations (Völker). This made me stop and think.

Tut kund seine Herrlichkeit unter den Nationen, unter allen Völkern seine Wunder. Psalm 96,3

Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. Psalm 96:3 (NIV)

Paulus und Barnabas berichteten, was Gott alles durch sie getan und dass er allen Völkern die Tür zum Glauben aufgetan habe. Apostelgeschichte 14,27

On arriving there, Paul and Barnabas gathered the church together and reported all that God had done through them and how he had opened a door of faith to the Gentiles. Acts 14:27 (NIV) Continue reading “Does God care about nations?”

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