Moving marriage maelstrom – Review of Time To Shine by Mel Menzies

51ihelqdudl-_sy291_bo1204203200_ql40_fmwebp_4 starsA deep childhood wound plagues Carl’s conscience but the discipline and drive instilled in him by his severe and – as it turns out – hypocritical father nevertheless enables him to succeed in his business venture. Sadly, this is at the cost of failing to show true love for his wife and family and succumbing to a disgraceful affair.

Julia, his wife, seeks counseling and slowly discovers an entirely new way of life.

The devastation and remorse experienced by both partners as they face their failings, as well as the lacerated emotions of children struggling with the prospect of their parents’ divorce, are very vividly portrayed.

Secondary plots present contemporary counseling techniques and explore such issues as the meaning of marriage and a true Christian faith.

The unusual techniques of frequent changes of POV and reminiscences sometimes recounted direct speech do nothing to detract from the book’s readability and excitement. An entertaining, thought-provoking and encouraging story.

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