A Christian ‘Who’s Who?’

They’ll never read that by Tony Collins

5 Stars

Tony comes over as both entertaining and inspiring in this very personal book, in which he neither brags nor seeks to hide his failures. It reads more as an autobiography than – as the subtitle implies – a how-to-fail book about the challenges of book publishing.

We feel the excitement and pressure publishers and their agents experience as they seek to test the market and deliver what it wants. In the Christian field, this is a particularly delicate balancing act: manpower and budgets are very tight. No wonder many submissions go unanswered.

The string of well-known Christian personalities with whom Tony has had some dealings – from Cliff Richard to Richard Wurmbrand, from George Verwer to George Carey, and all the rest – is mind-boggling. To my amazement, I know them nearly all.

All I can say in conclusion is: You have worked wonders, Tony. Good luck with the upcoming books relating to the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer!


Billy Graham, David Wilkerson, Milton, C. S. Lewis, Thomas Hardy, Francis Schaeffer, Ole Hallesby, Roy Hession, Colin Urquhart, J. B. Phillips, Richard Wurmbrand, Catherine Marshall, John and Elizabeth Sheryll, Corrie ten Boom, C. H. Dodd, Michael Green, David Watson, Cliff Richard, Malcolm Muggeridge, Archbishop Donald Coggan, Cardinal Heenan, Cardinal Hume, Michael Harper, Jackie Pullinger, Charles Colson, Richard Foster, Watchman Nee, John Stott, George Carey, Mary Wang, Dr. James Moffat,  Paul Tournier, Rev. Ken Prior, Max Sinclair, Joni Eareckson, Karol Józef Wojtyła, Josef Ratzinger, Georgi Vins, David Pawson, George Verwer, Martin Goldsmith, Taffy Davies, Dr. Eddie Gibbs, Dr. Michael Griffiths, Mary Craig, M. Scott Peck, E. F. Schumacher, Tom Hale, Bob Geldof, Graham Kendrick, Adrian Plass, Murray Watts, Frank Peretti, Tim Sims, Dan Pegoda, William Paul Young, Penelope Wilcock, John Paculabo, Tim Dowley, Pat Alexander, Nicky Gumbel, Charlie Mackesy, Norman Warren, C. Peter Wagner, Neil T. Anderson, Ram Gidoomal, Dan Cormack, Gordon McDonald, John Robinson, Brother Wu, Angus Buchan, Sokreaksa S. Himm, Davis Bunn, Janette Oke, Francine Rivers, Henry Vyner-Brooks, Richard Gamble,…

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