Who is this God of many facets?

A Modern Psalm

O Lord, my Lord, I see You as a Crystal,
Reflecting varied facets of Your light.
I wonder at Creation, then am dazzled,
By seeming shifts between Your love and might.

One facet shows You speaking loud and clearly
To Adam, Noah, Abram; Jacob, too.
They heard, they dared not doubt Your clear intention,
And reaped the blessing when they heeded You.

With Moses shone a new and fearful aspect:
Commandments hewn from rock of Sinai’s hill.
Now sacrifice and rituals ruled the people,
And judgement when they failed to do Your will.

For settlers, You appointed mighty Judges,
Who acted more or less as You required.
The days were harsh, your Majesty was thwarted;
Without a king, all did as they desired. 

You chose a King, who met Your own heart’s longing,
But treachery and murder marred his reign.
Perverted rulers caused the people’s exile;
Then, in Your grace, You brought them back again.

“Not sacrifice, but mercy!” called Your Prophets,
“God wants allegiance rather than such rites.”
Rebellion caused Your chosen folk to flounder.
Hope of Messiah now was in their sights.

He came – a babe, admired by dirty shepherds –
To teach and heal, hypocrisy expose.
He introduced Your Kingdom, welcomed outcasts,
Then died to heal our discord, but He rose.

His followers he left to spread His message
Of love and hope; of Him, the living Word;
To show by acts of grace and tender kindness
That Jesus is the only valid Lord.

And now, as all Creation groans in bondage,
Our only hope is that You’ll come again,
Renew both Heav’n and Earth as You intended,
Forever banish sin and death and pain.

I gaze upon this Crystal’s many facets,
And wonder at the bright translucent Truths.
Though Jesus is the same of yore, forever,
We each experience You in unique moods. 

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