A sad, sad story

Where the Light Fell by Philip Yancey

5 Stars
Where the Light Fell by Philip Yancey

This is a very personal and a very honest autobiographical book, covering primarily the author’s childhood and youth. Growing up in a very conservative Christian environment, which causes him much emotional anguish, Yancey develops into an intelligent and gifted writer. His many successful books and fame as an inspiring Christian apologist prove he has largely overcome the wounds and fallacies of his upbringing.

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Gottes Welt mit neuen Augen sehen

»Und mitten drin leben wir« von Dave Bookless

5 Stars

Wie weit reicht Gottes Gute Nachricht? Ist die Sorge um die Umwelt Teil des christlichen Auftrags?

Laut Dave Bookless lautet die Antwort eindeutig: Ja. Das Buch »Und mitten drin leben wir« spricht von Gott, von der Ökologie und von Deiner Verantwortung.

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Almost incredible!

God intervenes in astonishing ways.

Glory Zone in the War Zone: Miracles, Signs, and Wonders in the Middle East, by Andrew White

One cannot repudiate Canon Andrew White’s frequent experiences of divine intervention, guidance and help in scenes of horrendous tragedy in the war zones of Baghdad and the religious tensions in other parts of the Middle East. His trust in the God who has revealed himself in Jesus and through the words of the Bible is unshakable. He shows tremendous courage, motivated by love, as he serves the innocent victims of war, whatever their religion or faction. And he steps in boldly to mediate in unimaginably stressful conflict situations.

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A passionate plea for mutual respect

Confessions of a Toxic Perfectionist and God’s Antidote, by Dr. George Verwer

I have great admiration for George Verwer, as a humble man of faith with tremendous courage and initiative as well as dynamic evangelistic, motivational and leadership qualities. My experiences on short-term stints with Operation Mobilization, though hugely challenging, proved spiritually enriching and I know several long-term OMers, whom I love and highly respect. As an organisation, OM does magnificent work in spreading the Good News of Jesus, while also serving practical, medical and educational needs in many countries.

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Unlikely foremothers – vividly brought to life

A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers

5 Stars

Illicit sexual relations, duplicity, disdain, brutality – Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary each experienced most of these indignities, in some cases hatched through their own scheming. And yet these five women, three of whom were not even Israelites, were chosen by God as forebears of the promised Messiah, His Son Jesus!

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All Things New by Pete Hughes

Joining God’s Story of Re-Creation

Pete Hughes stands back from both traditional historical accounts and selective Bible passages to concentrate on the story God has been unfolding over the centuries.

Chapters such as ‘Creation and the Image-Bearers of God’, ‘From Slavery to the Promised Land’, ‘Jesus, the Gospel and the Kingdom of God’ and ‘The Resurrection and the Birth of the New Humanity’ trace the biblical story in a refreshingly contemporary manner. Interwoven with these theological considerations, we witness some very personal experiences – highs and lows – as the the young Anglican Vicar follows God’s leading to plant and nurture what is now known as KXC.

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