Wounds of the soul

The Pilgrim, by Joy Margetts

Pilgrims seek healing for the wounds of the soul

Before Hal joins the Cistercian Abbey in the heart of medieval Wales and adopts the new name of Hywel, his selfish lust has already done immeasurable harm to those closest to him. When a careless slip of the tongue deeply hurts his fellow novices, he expects to be banished. Much to his amazement, his mentor instead suggests he accompany a pilgrimage to the Holy Island of the Saints.

He soon discovers the other members of the group each have their own hangups and aspirations.

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Eye-opening, heart-rending

The Wanderer Scorned, by Natasha Woodcraft

The Wanderer Scorned – an elaborated Biblical story

I have had the privilege of ‘meeting’ Natasha a couple of times on Zoom, hearing her read an extract from her WIP and even singing Abba’s and Awan’s songs that appear in this book. Her invitation to take part in a blog tour to promote the book launch on 6th August 2022 thrilled me. I read the ARC out aloud to my wife – we were both captivated by it – and these are my impressions.

As the cover image implies, this is a deeply moving book. It explores interactions within a single family attempting to survive in a bountiful but unfamiliar world.

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Adventures in thin places

The Road of Brightness, by Michael Mitton

The Road of Brightness by [Michael Mitton]

No one is sure who first suggested undertaking a pilgrimage to Assisi. But a highly improbable group of friends and acquaintances from Dingle, Ireland, decide to do just that. And the new local priest, Father Kilbar, agrees to lead them, although he has never been there before.

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Further incidents from a 14th century monastery

The Wounds of God

No. 2 in the Hawk and the Dove Series

This book follows the same pattern as the first in the series. Everyday life in a family of seven can be fun, even though it involves a constant struggle to make ends meet.

The devoted mother picks opportunities to entertain her starry-eyed, fifteen-year-old daughter with legends of their ancestor, Father Peregrine. Many centuries earlier, he was the rather bizarre abbot of a Yorkshire monastery. The bumbling antics of his protégés, together with musings on the nature and will of God, paint a vivid picture.

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Healing of the soul

The Hawk and the Dove by Penelope Wilcock

The Hawk and the Dove (The Hawk and the Dove Series Book 1) by [Penelope Wilcock]
5 Stars

If I say this book is about penitence, you wouldn’t read it. It gets worse: it’s about experiencing a brutal assault as a divine blessing.

In fact, it’s a delightful, heart-warming glimpse of 14th century monastic life. Over many generations, grandmothers have passed these anecdotes down to their granddaughters. They relate both humorous incidents and deep lessons of faith in a loving God.

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A sad, sad story

Where the Light Fell by Philip Yancey

5 Stars
Where the Light Fell by Philip Yancey

This is a very personal and a very honest autobiographical book, covering primarily the author’s childhood and youth. Growing up in a very conservative Christian environment, which causes him much emotional anguish, Yancey develops into an intelligent and gifted writer. His many successful books and fame as an inspiring Christian apologist prove he has largely overcome the wounds and fallacies of his upbringing.

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Gottes Welt mit neuen Augen sehen

»Und mitten drin leben wir« von Dave Bookless

5 Stars

Wie weit reicht Gottes Gute Nachricht? Ist die Sorge um die Umwelt Teil des christlichen Auftrags?

Laut Dave Bookless lautet die Antwort eindeutig: Ja. Das Buch »Und mitten drin leben wir« spricht von Gott, von der Ökologie und von Deiner Verantwortung.

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