Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools by Victoria Twead

This is an entertaining account of a daring adventure on the part of Victoria and Joe Twead. We hear of the numerous doubts, misgivings, obstacles and mishaps they face as they seek to realise their five-year plan: to move from their comfortable jobs and suburban home in England to a tiny, remote mountain village in the south of Spain.

But, most of all, we enjoy meeting the colourful locals they encounter – both human and animal – as they struggle to make themselves understood and fit in with a totally unfamiliar climate and culture. Old Sancho, Geronimo, Cocky and his harem are delightful.

The book is very well written and really captures the personalities and feelings of the protagonist, as well as such individuals as the teutonically efficient Kurt, her sanguine neighbour Paco and the effervescent, foul-mouthed Judith, not to mention her nine and a half dogs and aged mother.

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