These kids I like, who climate strike!

The glaciers are disappearing!

#ClimateStrike #Zürich Was that a nod from heaven that it rained … and rained in Zürich yesterday? It didn’t discourage 12,000 people – mainly school kids and young people, joining hundreds of thousands worldwide – to take to the streets. They protested against the thoughtless pollution which is disrupting the world’s climate and provoking extreme weather conditions. It’s especially the developing nations that suffer, although they aren’t even the ones who are primarily responsible.

Install new system

So I sympathise when young people say politicians have failed them and the whole socio-economic system is broken. They are right to demand a new way of life, which generates far less CO2, wastes far less natural resources, and enforces sustainable policies for energy, transport, heating, air conditioning, etc.

Rallying cries

“Autofreie Zürich!” was one of the slogans. That would be revolutionary – but would make sense! There’s hardly a city in the world with a better public transport system, mainly electric, so why all the cars?

Witty chants (“Wir sind hier und wir sind laut, weil man uns die Zukunft klaut!”) reflect young people’s concern that today’s older generation, which holds the power and money, is robbing them of their future by failing to implement policies to save the earth. Catchy songs, e.g. “There’s no Planet B, so raise your voice with me. The ocean’s rising and so are we”, livened the otherwise rather miserable atmospheric conditions.

The mood was peaceful and relaxed. It particularly impressed me that most of the posters were hand-drawn on bits of cardboard – children’s work. Although the initiators were obviously not professionals, they organised the whole event well and kept it orderly.

The procession totally disrupted traffic in the centre of Zürich for a couple of hours, halting trams and buses as well as cars. But on the whole people were understanding and respectful and the police remained discreet.

Well done, young folk! Climate change affects us all.

One thought on “These kids I like, who climate strike!”

  1. I like these kids who hit the climate!
    Quotes: “Was it a nod from the sky when it was raining … and yesterday it was raining in Zurich? This did not prevent 12,000 people – mostly schoolchildren and young people, uniting hundreds of thousands of people around the world – to speak out and protest against mindless pollution that violates the world’s climate and provokes extreme weather conditions, especially in developing countries, although they are not even those who have primary responsibility. ”
    “Therefore, it’s not surprising that young people say that politicians have let them down, the entire socio-economic system is destroyed, and you need to find a new way of life, including producing much less CO2, less waste of natural resources, sustainable energy policies, transportation, heating, air conditioning “, and so on.
    The leadership of Switzerland.
    I am a working ecologist. Call me to work in Switzerland. By September 2019, I will eliminate all the changes caused by the warming and inaction of officials, and fulfill all the demands of the protesting youth by 100%. By the end of the year, Switzerland can declare itself a country that does not harm the planet, its country, and gives guarantees to protesting young people everything they need for life and development: Clean ecology, job choices, decent earnings, housing, family and happiness.
    Sincerely, environmental programs developer, Victor Rodin. Ukraine. Khmelnitsky NPP. Tel. Kiev Star: 961336344. Mail:,
    — — —
    Эти дети мне нравятся, которые поражают климатом!
    Цитаты: «Был ли это кивком с неба, когда шел дождь … и вчера шел дождь в Цюрихе? Это не помешало 12 000 человек – в основном школьникам и молодым людям, объединяющим сотни тысяч людей по всему миру, – выступить и протестовать против бездумного загрязнения, которое нарушает климат мира и провоцирует экстремальные погодные условия, особенно в развивающихся странах, хотя они и не ‘ даже те, кто несет главную ответственность».
    «Поэтому неудивительно, что молодые люди говорят, что политики подвели их, вся социально-экономическая система разрушена, и необходимо найти новый образ жизни, включающий в себя производство гораздо меньшего количества CO2, меньше отходов природных ресурсов, устойчивую политику в области энергетики, транспорт, отопление, кондиционирование воздуха», и так далее.
    Руководству Швейцарии.
    Я – действующий эколог. Вызывайте меня на работу в Швейцарию. К сентябрю 2019 года я устраню все изменения вызванные потеплением и бездействием чиновников, и выполню все требования протестующей молодёжи на 100%. К концу года Швейцария может объявить себя страной, которая не наносит вреда планете, своей стране, и даёт гарантии протестующей молодёжи всё, что нужно для жизни и развития: Чистую экологию, выбираемую работу, приличные заработки, жильё, семью и счастье.

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