“Lord, don’t you care…?”

Spring has come, nature bursts out in joy. But people panic and die.

Lord, what are you saying to us?

Are you judging the world?

Judging us for exploiting natural resources, resulting in pollution and climate disruption? Judging us for the religious and idealistic conflicts causing so much suffering, mass migrations and huge refugee problems? Judging us over political and economic injustice, whereby the rich and powerful oppress the poor? Judging us for religious pluralism and atheism? Judging us for the arrogance and careless hedonism of ‘enlightened’ westerners?

What do you want us to do?

We pray for deliverance and healing but don’t see our prayers answered. Our hands are tied by government regulations. We don’t even have a credible message of hope, because we experience the same difficulties and worries as everyone else. What benefit would others see in turning to you?

Lord, what are you saying to us?

2 thoughts on ““Lord, don’t you care…?””

  1. I think the Lord really does care, and his nature hasn’t changed – he is ‘the same yesterday, today and forever’, loving his world and its people as much as on the day when he stretched out his arms for us on the cross. Not everything makes brilliant sense right now, I know. I think he’s not behind this but he might possibly be using it for good – he wants people to know him, to communicate with him, which many are now doing. Our days on earth are written in his book of life, and then we’ll be in eternity with him. We feel entitled sometimes as humans to a long life, to good health, to success or whatever it is and see things from our own narrow earth-bound perspective. I think there is a bigger picture, and that we CAN trust what God says about himself in his word.
    I have written my own response as a Christian to the coronavirus – please take a look. https://carolinegreville.com/blog/
    I include some links to some helpful messages put out by Christian pastors. I’d encourage you to watch videos, podcasts and connect with believers on social media, perhaps following churches you find helpful. It’s hard to find perspective when we’re in the middle of the storm somehow. I’ll leave you with some words from Corrie Ten Boom (and by the way, her book The Hiding Place, is an excellent read on Christians coping with adversity).
    God bless,
    ‘When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.’ Corrie Ten Boom

    1. Thanks, Caroline. Your reply and your post were refreshing. “Jesus felt pain” – indeed. And that, perhaps, is the clue. He identifies fully with us in all our struggles and sorrows. It’s not so much my own personal position that bothers me, but the BIG QUESTION: What does God have in mind?
      I just listened to a podcast by N.T. Wright (https://askntwrightanything.podbean.com/e/33-tom-on-coronavirus-self-isolating-and-praying-through-crisis/). His position is, it’s not up to us to question God; we should be getting stuck in, doing what we can for those who are suffering.

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