Taking The Plunge by J.B. Reynolds

A mad confusion of rival affairs

At about the same time that Kate discovers her husband is unfaithful, she gets a crush on her snowboard instructor, Evan. And the flirtings and double-crossings start. And never seem to end.

The setting is a winter sports region in New Zealand. The players are mostly party-lovers who live rather loose relationships.

While the tone is light-hearted and lively, some more serious issues are addressed, such as the emotional struggles caused by broken relationships, the care of a child whose parents are separated, the clash of values between old-school parents and their modern offspring, and even Christian forgiveness in the face of blatant betrayal.

This book is well written and fast-paced, drawing the reader in from page to page. We are left with unanswered questions as to how exactly the conflicts will be resolved and who will end up in bed with whom. Maybe that’s just life.

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