Ein ordentlich trauriges Leben

Was vom Tage übrig blieb von Kazuo Ishiguro

Gewissenhaft und mit Würde erfüllt Butler Stevens seine Pflichten in voller Unterordnung seines Dienstherrn. Dabei wägt er sorgfältig die Erfordernisse und Folgen jeder Handlung ab – in skurrilem Detail.

Ausserdem führt er ständig Selbstgespräche über längst vergangene Ereignisse, die für ihn offensichtlich von grosser Bedeutung sind. Er sinniert über das Verhalten und die Einstellungen seines früheren Herrn, Lord Darlington – “Die Demokratie gehört einer vergangenen Zeit an” – und seinen daraus resultierenden schlechten Ruf als möglicher Nazi-Sympathisant. Kein Vergleich zu den relativ sorglosen Meinungen und Gewohnheiten seines neuen Chefs, des Amerikaners Mr. Farraday.

Intriguing but not entirely convincing

Walled City by Maressa Mortimer

The theme of this book is both original and thought-provoking: a clandestine evangelistic mission to a despotically ruled city – reminiscent of present-day North Korea. Neither talking about the past nor emotional behaviour, neither pets nor religion, is permitted.

Gax is living in the house in which his grandparents grew up in Elabi. He was thoroughly briefed before sneaking in. Yet he is overwhelmed by the rigid class structure, civil organization and social customs he encounters. To say nothing of the intolerable heat. He is alarmed to discover everything he says aloud is processed and acted upon by his automated servant. He personifies ‘her’ with the name Yulra.

What happened next?

Pillars of Barabbas by M.D. House

5 Stars

I’m sure readers of the Bible sometimes wonder what happened next. Was that prophecy fulfilled? Did that tax collector or that prostitute manage to start a new, upright life? What became of the healed cripple?

A book to change the future!

Let us dream, by Pope Francis

5 Stars
Let us dream, by Pope Francis

If ever a book could trigger a real, grassroots social revolution to set the world to rights, this is it. Pope Francis dares to see the world as it is. He then proposes to choose a path that is consistent with the message of the biblical Prophets and the Gospel. And finally he offers a way to act, with a view to turning on its head the indifferent, materialistic attitude to life that many of us in the West have hitherto nurtured. He dares to dream of a better future.

A life-long quest for peace of heart

The Healing by Joy Margetts

5 Stars

Philip de Braose dare not use his real name. He has too many enemies. In any case, as far as he is concerned, Philip de Braose is dead. That was public knowledge.

An agonizing betrayal in his youth had left him with no aim in life. Unless the desire to kill and be killed as a mercenary, hired by whichever of the various regional factions of France paid the most, can be called an aim. In that, he fails. A wandering monk, Hywel, is attracted by a magnificent warhorse. Next to it, in a ditch, he discovers the severely wounded and unconscious Philip. He carries him to the nearby abbey to be nurtured back to reasonable health.

Almost incredible!

God intervenes in astonishing ways.

Glory Zone in the War Zone: Miracles, Signs, and Wonders in the Middle East, by Andrew White

One cannot repudiate Canon Andrew White’s frequent experiences of divine intervention, guidance and help in scenes of horrendous tragedy in the war zones of Baghdad and the religious tensions in other parts of the Middle East. His trust in the God who has revealed himself in Jesus and through the words of the Bible is unshakable. He shows tremendous courage, motivated by love, as he serves the innocent victims of war, whatever their religion or faction. And he steps in boldly to mediate in unimaginably stressful conflict situations.

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