Adventures in thin places

The Road of Brightness, by Michael Mitton

The Road of Brightness by [Michael Mitton]

No one is sure who first suggested undertaking a pilgrimage to Assisi. But a highly improbable group of friends and acquaintances from Dingle, Ireland, decide to do just that. And the new local priest, Father Kilbar, agrees to lead them, although he has never been there before.

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Further incidents from a 14th century monastery

The Wounds of God

No. 2 in the Hawk and the Dove Series

This book follows the same pattern as the first in the series. Everyday life in a family of seven can be fun, even though it involves a constant struggle to make ends meet.

The devoted mother picks opportunities to entertain her starry-eyed, fifteen-year-old daughter with legends of their ancestor, Father Peregrine. Many centuries earlier, he was the rather bizarre abbot of a Yorkshire monastery. The bumbling antics of his protégés, together with musings on the nature and will of God, paint a vivid picture.

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Healing of the soul

The Hawk and the Dove by Penelope Wilcock

The Hawk and the Dove (The Hawk and the Dove Series Book 1) by [Penelope Wilcock]
5 Stars

If I say this book is about penitence, you wouldn’t read it. It gets worse: it’s about experiencing a brutal assault as a divine blessing.

In fact, it’s a delightful, heart-warming glimpse of 14th century monastic life. Over many generations, grandmothers have passed these anecdotes down to their granddaughters. They relate both humorous incidents and deep lessons of faith in a loving God.

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Schatzsuche oder die Natur geniessen?

Geocaching im Freiamt

Geocaching – eine Freizeitaktivität für Jung und Alt. Schatzdosen liegen in Wohngebieten oder in der freien Natur versteckt. Mit einer App auf einem GPS-fähigen Handy (z. B. c:geo oder Cachly) sucht man anhand der aufgezeichneten geografischen Koordinaten nach ihnen. Einmal gefunden, loggt man seinen Erfolg ein.

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A Christian ‘Who’s Who?’

They’ll never read that by Tony Collins

5 Stars

Tony comes over as both entertaining and inspiring in this very personal book, in which he neither brags nor seeks to hide his failures. It reads more as an autobiography than – as the subtitle implies – a how-to-fail book about the challenges of book publishing.

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The best spiritual quests set in Antiquity

A yearning for a happy and meaningful life, as well as struggles with fear, guilt, and unfulfilled wishes, are common to mankind of all ages. My books combine historical and fictional characters to address such timeless spiritual issues from a Christian perspective. During a hiking tour of the Isle of Elba, I discovered the cave where the saintly 6th-century hermit San Cerbone lived in exile.

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Ein Beziehungsgeflecht

Die Unschärfe der Welt – von Iris Wolff

Eindrücke vom Buch

5 Stars

“Die Unschärfe der Welt” ist eine sorgfältig konstruierte Erzählung über das Leben verschiedener, miteinander verflochtenen Persönlichkeiten aus mehreren Generationen einer deutschen Familie in Rumänien. Sie beginnt zur Zeit des Kommunismus und dauert bis nach dem Sturz von Ceaușescu.

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Roman history through the eyes of a patrician family

Dominus by Steven Saylor

Dominus: An epic saga of Rome, from the height of its glory to its destruction Kindle Edition

Starting in 165 AD, multiple generations of the legendary Pinarius family of sculptors lead us through 160 years of otherwise rather obscure Roman history. We follow the often very brief reigns of some thirty emperors – often called Dominus. We learn of their military exploits, family rivalries and sexual perversions. But we also become aware of a growing religious tension.

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