The Shadow Doctor by Adrian Plass

If you’re after the sort of flippant humour you might have come to expect from Adrian Plass, then The Shadow Doctor might disappoint you. But I doubt it. You’ll be surprised – and a little confused – by the Doctor’s mysterious encounters and baffling remarks, but you’ll gradually come to realise he has an unusual and uncanny depth of perception, and a disquieting way of exposing shaky beliefs and practices.

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100+ Beautiful Antique Books for Sale

I don’t know if I ever met my illustrious and rather enigmatic great uncle Stanley Le Rossignol. My mother often spoke of him and it was from him I inherited a collection of antique reference books, biographies, novels and religious texts dating back at least to 1859. Some show signs of appreciation and frequent use, others are very beautiful and in excellent condition.

Uncle Stan wrote some of them himself, e.g. Notes on Banking and Political Events in Jersey and Historical Notes about the Le Rossignol Family in Jersey.

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These kids I like, who climate strike!

The glaciers are disappearing!

#ClimateStrike #Zürich Was that a nod from heaven that it rained … and rained in Zürich yesterday? It didn’t discourage 12,000 people – mainly school kids and young people, joining hundreds of thousands worldwide – to take to the streets. They protested against the thoughtless pollution which is disrupting the world’s climate and provoking extreme weather conditions. It’s especially the developing nations that suffer, although they aren’t even the ones who are primarily responsible.

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Schöne Orte sind nicht weit weg!

Guten Morgen Sonnenschein!

Es ist ein mehrfaches Geschenk, hier in Oberlunkhofen wohnen zu dürfen! Das ist mir heute morgen mit dieser herrlichen Bergsicht wieder aufgefallen.

Wir hatten keine Ahnung, wie praktisch und schön es sein würde, als wir schon im Jahr 1979 mit damals zwei kleinen Buben hierher zogen. Die Familie wuchs auf vier Kinder, die durch Kindergarten und Schule gingen, währenddem ich in Zürich arbeitete. Freundschaften und geistliche Nahrung erfuhren wir immer wieder in der Evangelischen Gemeinde Bremgarten.

Hier einige Vorteile des Lebens in Oberlunkhofen:

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