All Things New by Pete Hughes

Joining God’s Story of Re-Creation

Pete Hughes stands back from both traditional historical accounts and selective Bible passages to concentrate on the story God has been unfolding over the centuries.

Chapters such as ‘Creation and the Image-Bearers of God’, ‘From Slavery to the Promised Land’, ‘Jesus, the Gospel and the Kingdom of God’ and ‘The Resurrection and the Birth of the New Humanity’ trace the biblical story in a refreshingly contemporary manner. Interwoven with these theological considerations, we witness some very personal experiences – highs and lows – as the the young Anglican Vicar follows God’s leading to plant and nurture what is now known as KXC.

Sixty years later…

For some months I have acted as a senior classroom assistant – one morning per week – in the fourth class (mainly 10-year olds) of the little village school where I live. What a shock for an old man like me!

The printed T-shirts and hotpants, alternating with fashionable tops and ripped jeans were no surprise. But what had happened to the uniform? Even the teacher was casually dressed.

The Peregrine’s Odyssey by Michael Kleinfall

During the first 20 years of the second century AD, Gaius Segusiavus Peregrinus is torque-bearer of the Gallic clan based near Lugdunum (Lyons). As master of the family’s cereal and luxury goods shipping enterprise, he constantly roams Mare Nostrum, visiting the trading posts in Ostia (Rome), Carthago, Alexandria, Antiochia and Ephesos. His faithful wife Fionna delights him whenever he is back at the Villa of the Three Crows, but his sons and nephew disappoint him. Will anyone prove worthy of inheriting the family torque when he dies?

Herz auf Eis von Isabelle Autissier

5 Stars

Zwei Abenteuer sind in diesem Roman zu finden: ein kaum zu glaubender Überlebenskampf auf einer eisigen unbewohnten Insel im Südatlantik und die Seelenreise der sich selbst suchenden Hauptdarstellerin, Louise. Dazwischen noch ein Abstecher in die Sehnsüchte und das Unbehagen des etwas leichtlebigen Ludovic, als er verzweifelt versucht das vorbeifahrende Kreuzfahrtschiff einzuholen (Seite 88f).

Zwei alte Frauen von Velma Wallis

Als Legende, ist diese Geschichte lehrreich. Es ist eine harte Entscheidung des Häuptlings, die zwei alten Frauen, die ja für nichts anderes gut scheinen als ständig zu jammern, um das Überlebenswillen des ganzen Volkes zu hinterlassen. Bei der Tochter und dem Enkel der einen bilden sich besonders schwere Gewissensbisse.

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