Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

Eldredge has hit on something big! He dares to turn his back on the common modern Christian perspective on society (esp. masculine roles) and explore the deep, real motives and needs of men.

His analysis is rather one-sided (e.g. every man carries a wound given by his father P.60) and so is his remedy: accept and live out your desire to fight battles, experience adventure rescue your beauty.

I also have trouble resolving the confusion between valid and corrupt desires: the same behaviour may be interpreted as either.

But his final point – God wants us to live in constant dynamic fellowship with Him, fighting His battles in His way, since we are living in a spiritual battlefield, and not settling down to a comfortable, secure ‘nice-guy’ lifestyle – is a real challenge that I need and want to work at.

VS 6.11.2003

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