Gently provocative, very inspiring – Review of We Make The Road By Walking by Brian McLaren

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-08-38-50My wife and I used this book for our weekly devotions over an extended year. We found it both challenging and at the same time reassuring. Each time it led is into an extended time of prayer for friends, family, neighbours and the world in general.

Each chapter starts with several Bible passages, which I would highly recommend taking the time to read. Some that particularly spoke to my heart were on Love, the Holy Spirit and Death.

A sample quote from chapter 51 Spirit Of Hope, which refers to the Book of Revelation:

Faithfulness wasn’t waiting passively for a future that had already been determined. Faithfulness meant participating with God in God’s unfolding story. God wasn’t a distant, terrifying monster waiting for vengeance at the end of the universe. God was descending among us here and now, making the tree of true aliveness available for all.

This book would be an excellent resource as a basis for discussions in an open-hearted, serious-minded group of spiritual seekers, whether or not they are believers in Jesus. I took part in a German-speaking small group which used a few chapters in this way.

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